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Speaker’s Bureau

Topic: Climate Change

Presentation Title: Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation
Speakers: Members of the Climate Reality Project – Thurston County
Audience: We are available to give presentations and workshops to any group in the community, including neighborhood groups, faith groups, service organizations, government groups, health organizations and more. We can tailor a presentation to meet the needs of any group that wants to learn more about climate change, its impact on their specific concerns and what each of us can do to help mitigate the consequences.
Description: The Climate Reality Project – Thurston County, Wash. (CRP-TC) is a Speakers’ Bureau dedicated to educating communities on the threat of climate breakdown. Our goal is to activate local citizens who will join a mass campaign to demand the transition to 100% renewable sources of energy before it’s too late. We are comprised of climate activists who have been trained by The Climate Reality Project, as well as other concerned citizens who have joined our local chapter. Our mission is to amplify climate effort, plans and policy efforts in Thurston County through clear, powerful and inspiring communications. We partner with existing climate organizations to provide high quality, up-to-date, locally contextualized presentations and workshops that inform, connect and empower individuals and groups.
Contact: To schedule a speaker or learn more, contact Susan Woodward (susanwoodward4@gmail.com); Rhonda Hunter (rhon@olympus.net); or Connie Campbell (campbell.con55@gmail.com).


Topic: Climate Change Activism

Presentation Title: A Non-depressing Talk on Climate Change
Speaker: Lynn Fitz-Hugh
Audience: student (middle, high, college), adult
Description: This is titled this way because it starts from the assumption of an audience that already understands climate is a problem and so does not present the “evidence”.  People often don’t want to go to climate presentations because they anticipate being depressed by it.  This one instead focuses on activism – on what you can do about Climate.

Contact: Lynn Fitz-Hugh, 206-713-0497


Topic: Food and Climate Change

Adopting a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle: What’s good for you is good for the planet

Speaker: Lynn Reveal
Audience: Adults
Description: This presentation will explore links between chronic disease and the western diet; look at the scientific basis of a whole food plant-based lifestyle and disease prevention and reversal; and touch on the connection between animal-based diets and climate change.

Contact: Lynn Reveal, lynn.faroelink@gmail.com

The Food Challenge

Speaker: Lynn Fitz-Hugh
Audience: student (middle, high, college), adult
Description: This is a presentation about Food and Climate. It challenges the audience to look at 4 areas: local food, organic food, plant based food and wasting less food as all solutions to climate and why.  Offers concrete things people can do and a lot of information people generally do not know about our current food system and its role in climate change.

Contact: Lynn Fitz-Hugh, 206-713-0497

Waste Less Food

Speaker: Thurston County Solid Waste Program
Description: The average American wastes 209 to 254 pounds of edible food each year. That is a huge waste of resources and costs a family of four about $130 a month. Yet most people don’t realize they waste that much.
Presentation for Adults: Learn how important the issue is and what you can do about it. We’d love to come speak to your business, church, or neighborhood association. Why not make it a potluck? We will adjust the presentation length to fit your needs (15–45 minutes). Call (360) 867-2491 or e-mail thurstonsolidwaste@co.thurston.wa.us.
Presentation for Students: Students can find out why it is so important to reduce the food we waste and how they can help their families make changes at home. Contact SolidWasteYouth@co.thurston.wa.us.
Resources:  Waste Less Food Tips, Videos

Topic: Social Change

Presentation Title: Non-violent Social Change
Speaker: Lynn Fitz-Hugh
Audience: student (middle, high, college), adult
Description: This is designed to help people conceptualize change beyond lobbying as our only way to make change.  It draws on examples throughout history of non-violent campaigns that ranged from overthrowing a government to things like the civil rights movement.  It helps people notice the diversity of tactics people can take and also provides research on the effectiveness of these tactics that counter the prevailing belief that violence is the most effective way to make change.  I designed this after Trump was elected and feel it is increasingly important that progressive audiences know this information.
Contact: Lynn Fitz-Hugh, 206-713-0497