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Climate Action Groups

Join a Climate Action Group – take what you’ve learned at the Climate Action Convention and apply it to our community!

Climate Action Groups have been formed that cover subjects included at the 4th Annual South Sound Climate Action Convention held on April 13.

Whether or not you attended the Convention, we invite you to join a Climate Action Group today.

Please let us know which group(s) you are interested in joining and the skills and interests you bring to this effort by completing this surveyand we will follow up with you. You may also email the contacts listed below or lynn@fitz-hugh.org.

Below is a brief description of initial actions the Climate Action Groups plan to take:

  • Advocacy: advocate with public officials on the Thurston Climate Mitigation plan (TCMP) through the Carbon Free Thurston Campaign. Early actions: provide list of early actions to the cities of Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey and Thurston County to consider adopting, before the TCMP is complete. Encourage organizations to sign a letter of support for the TCMP. Contact Tom Crawford: tom@thurstonclimateaction.org
  • Climate Education: focus on climate literacy in K-12 schools, after school youth initiatives, higher education, and community outreach. Early action: met on June 2, 11:00-1:00 to begin planning multi-school education event in October. Contact Abby Ruskey: ruskeystrategies@gmail.com
  • Energy: promote energy efficiency, green energy, decarbonizing the grid. Early actions: Encourage everyone to take the free PSE energy audit so you know what you need to do to your own home to decrease use of fossil fuels. Meet with organizations such as churches to promote solar projects on their buildings.
  • Food and Agriculture: work on food recovery and regenerative agriculture as a carbon sink. Early action: begin planning a “leftovers” potluck (dishes that use leftovers) to be held in the fall to promote both avoiding food waste and using regenerative agriculture. Contact Lynn Fitz-Hugh: lynn@fitz-hugh.org
  • Green Buildings and Cities: advocate for green urban planning policies, green building incentives, and improved infrastructure for non-motorized transportation. Early Actions: identify barriers to meeting green building goals.
  • Transportation: promote alternative transportation such as public transit, vanpools, biking and walking. Early actions: bring together local groups working on transportation issues for monthly discussions.
  • Trees: promote tree planting and forest protection, research current plan to protect mature trees, work with other local organizations, explore developing a “Plant for the Planet” type group for middle school students. Early actions: meet with cities, county, and local organizations, and plan for a tree planting event in the late fall. Contact: Barak Gale: barakgale@gmail.com.
  • 90-Day Action Teams: consist of 5-8 members focusing on specific, measurable and achievable climate action targets. The process minimizes in-person meetings (only 3) and maximizes results, and includes intensive support and resources to guarantee success. All work performed will contribute to a single knowledge base which will inform the future work of subsequent teams.  Contact: Stewart at (360) 339-3069.