PO Box 13324, Olympia, WA 98508 info@thurstonclimateaction.org

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TCAT is a local non-profit dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable future for Thurston County by encouraging action, coordinating action, and taking action on climate change. The vision of TCAT leadership is to create a Thurston County where public and private community actions mitigating climate change are central to a healthy and prosperous future.

Buy finast finasteride australia, Where to buy minoxidil and finast

purchase finasteride finastTom Crawford, President

Tom currently serves as board President and is a founding member of TCAT. His primary role with TCAT is organizing the county-wide greenhouse gas inventory and developing a county-wide clean energy program. He has lived and worked in Thurston County for the past 25 years and has over 40 years experience working with community development, education, health, environmental, and transportation organizations. He has provided training on sustainability in Thurston County and throughout the Puget Sound region, with numerous presentations to elected officials. Tom has also worked with Native American communities in the Pacific Northwest and with state transportation agencies nationwide.

buy finast 5mg onlineDave Watterson, Treasurer

Dave joined TCAT in 2014 and, his current role is Board Treasurer. After 27 years of service, he retired as Lieutenant with Lacey Fire District Three. His community service includes participation on the Board of Solar Washington for one year and the Tenino City Council for three years. Dave is committed to bringing renewable energy and energy efficiency to low and fixed income residents of Thurston County.

buy finast 5mg onlineScott Morgan

Scott joined TCAT as a volunteer in 2009 and has been on the board since 2013. He has worked in agriculture and private industry, founded and managed a small non-profit, worked with youth-at-risk, taught GED and pre-college classes, and has spent the past few years immersed in the public sector. This diverse set of perspectives informs his recognition that long-term sustainability will require a dynamic harmony between environmental, social, and economic health. In his spare time, Scott is the Director of Sustainability at The Evergreen State College.

buy finast cheapGeoff Glass

Geoff is the Director of Facility & Technology Services at Providence SW Washington Region where he has oversight for facility, security and medical equipment operations for two hospitals and 34 clinics. Geoff has dedicated his career to developing high performance healthcare facilities – having substantially improved energy efficiency at four major medical facilities in Western Washington. His current focus is on improving sustainability of Providence operations in Southwest Washington. Geoff is a professional engineer licensed in the State of Washington and has certifications in Energy Management and Health Care Facility Management. In 2015, Geoff committed to a “car – free” lifestyle as a means of living out his value of environmental stewardship and personal responsibility for health.

buy finast defenseBill Paulen

Bill brings his experience in management, business, marketing, and lending to TCAT, joining the board in 2014. His background is in the financial industry, where he has worked in progressively responsible positions including branch operations, business development, management, and commercial banking. As an adopted Washingtonian since 1998, Bill is concerned with the impacts to our state and beyond from continued climate change and the economic and sociological impacts associated with those changes. Bill is the President and CEO of Generations Credit Union, an Olympia based credit union and leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy lending.