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July 5, 2018 - 7 PM
Traditions Fair Trade Cafe
300 5th Ave SW, Olympia

The greater communities of the South Salish Sea are invited to join the leader of the Puyallup Canoe Family to learn about the 2018 Power Paddle to Puyallup.

Puyallup Canoe Family Elder Connie McCloud will share the story of the upcoming Power Paddle to Puyallup 2018, including the history of the Puyallup Tribe’s participation in the Canoe Journeys.

 “Honoring Our Medicine” is the theme for the 2018 Paddle to Puyallup.

“We have always been here. Our stories tell of a great flood. We went to the top of the mountain and returned. We live a life dependent on the Earth. The mountain is a sacred place. We’ve had a relationship with the mountain for receiving our food but also a spiritual relationship. When people wanted to go to pray and fast, the mountain is where they went.”

Connie would like the mountain to be officially called Mount Tahoma.

The Puyallup Tribe of Indians will host over 100 canoes journeying from as far north as Alaska and as far south as California for eight days July 29-Aug 4 for feasting, singing, dancing, drumming and sharing through giveaways.

Connie McCloud is culture director of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and leader of the Puyallup Tribe Canoe Family. Connie has spent decades preserving the legacy of her people of the South Sound.

“The Power Paddle to Puyallup 2018 is to honor our people, honor what that medicine is to all to us.”

IF YOU CAN – Please bring a healthy snack to share.

DONATE to help our blanket project – giving blankets to the Puyallup Canoe Family as giveaway items for the canoe journey purchase finasteride finast

buy finast 5mg online during the Paddle to Puyallup hosting protocol July 28-August 4 – fill out the form and someone will contact you – buy finast 5mg online

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