PO Box 13324, Olympia, WA 98508 info@thurstonclimateaction.org

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July 1, 2018 - 12 AM
Frank's Landing, Nisqually Territories

All International, Canadian and U.S Indigenous Peoples & Allies are invited to attend. purchase finasteride finast.

Join Us For Plenary’s – Workshops – Talking Circles – Demonstrations:
Treaty Rights, Oceans & Fisheries, Extreme Energy, Nuclear Colonialism, Mining, Climate Justice, Carbon pricing, Renewable Energy, Food Sovereignty, Building Sustainable Communities, Rights of Mother Earth, Just Transition, Direct Action Training, and much more…

Lighting of the SACRED FIRE:  Sunrise on JUNE 28, 2018

The Conference Continues until JULY 1, 2018
Where: Frank’s Landing, Nisqually Territories, near Lacey, WA

Evening Socials: Music and Open Mic Night
Indigenous Knowledge Offerings:
Purification Lodges – Water Ceremonies – Canoe Journey -Organic Farm Tours

This all-outdoor event, located at Frank’s Landing, the site of the 1960’s fishing rights actions and next to the Wa He Lut School, is expected to have over 2500 participants and will feature Indigenous Peoples from across Turtle Island and internationally, representing frontline grassroots groups as well as elected tribal leadership. Allies will also participate.

This conference is Indigenous-initiated, designed and led for the purpose of uplifting the critical voices of those on the frontline battles against environmental injustice and climate change. As such, we see the absolute need to have key ally representatives join us as observers and listeners during this event.

No Charge to Attend – Donations Accepted

More Info and Online Registration: buy finast 5mg online

Visit ourbuy finast 5mg online

Host: Nisqually Indian Tribe

Co-Sponsors: Indigenous Environmental Network and Indigenous Climate Action

Click buy finast defense to add this event to your own calendar.